What's the best money you ever spent?

We all have made some really good purchases in our lifetime, tell everyone about your experience(s).


This is a great topic, because TBH while we are very focused on saving and investing for the future - I think how we spend money is perhaps a more important topic than how to save money.

For me personally, I think my best money spent money spent on vacations/trips as opposed to anything material. This is ironic - I am in front of my computer all day but I don’t think that’s my best money spent. Material things depreciate and ultimately, not memorable.

Contrast this with a recent trip to Italy, however, and I can safely say that the trip will be remembered quite vividly even 30 years down the line (if you happen to be planning a trip there, here are some great places to visit in Italy). You spend one large lump sum of money on a vacation or an unforgettable experience, and you can keep recalling it for the rest of your life to give yourself perspective and instantly boost your mood. Here’s an example:

I normally meditate about 10 minutes a day. And the other day I was meditating and I remembered my trip to Italy. It gave me huge nostalgia and a wave of happiness thinking about all the beautiful architecture there. And since I was meditating, I can recall all the scenery remarkably vividly.

Moreover, I could recall the part of that trip where I was meditating (with open eyes) on the top of a hiking trail, where you could over see the vast Lake Como, with a city on the opposite side - I can vividly recall the buildings having these cute, ancient, yet ultra-durable roof shingles. And there are hundreds of thousands of them across the lake. On the lake, I can see the boats to/from the Bellagio from Rome. And I also can vividly recall that there was water airplane taking off during that meditation session. The weather was beautiful. The sky was completely blue with no clouds and the lake was pristine. Nobody else was up there at the peak and it was one of the calmest experiences I’ve ever had in my entire life, looking into the vast expanse of the lake and the ancient city across.

Meditating on that one meditation session (also actually only 10 minutes) made me super happy and calm instantly.

It made a routine 10-minute meditation session (which is normally mediocore) into something that elevated the entire experience and gave me huge energy and motivation for the day.

Keep in mind: This is just ONE 10-minute moment from the trip. That I can recall, forever, in perpetuity to instantly make myself super calm and happy.


I love what @angie.p said about spending money on things that are memorable! I’ve never really regretted money spent on a vacation. Not only do I get the lasting memories, but also, just planning for the vacation and having something on the horizon that you’re excited about has such a mental health benefit.

Probably the best single thing I’ve spent money on was my bike. I bought it in late 2016 for less than $200. It’s still in great shape and has given me so much enjoyment relative to the price. Even though I have a car, I probably bike more than I drive.

Two things I splurge on regularly that are 100% worth it: I pay a wonderful woman to clean my house every other week. The extra time it buys me is definitely worth the money. It actually helps me to make more money because I can spend more time on freelancing since someone else is cleaning.

The other thing is paying someone else to bathe my dog, Kermit, and clip his toenails since he has a bit of a stubborn streak. There’s a dog rescue group that does a monthly fundraiser in my neighborhood and charges $15 for a bath and toenail clip. For a large dog, $15 is a good deal and I get to help some other rescue pups!


Best money ever spent? Good question. I think for my wife and I it was saving the downpayment for our home 2 years ago. Because my wife was a 1st time homebuyer, we didn’t have to use all of the money, much to our surprise! So, we were able to pay cash for our furniture and that was a huge relief.


What @angie said!

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In my old house, I splurged and completely redid a bathroom. Walk in shower, lots of tile. Night-and-day difference from the grungy bandaid-job from before. Having something that nice right in my house just made my daily life more pleasant. I miss it. I wish I had the funds these days to do a similar project at my current house. Something to save for, without a doubt.

mine best money ever spent, was going to my very first trip ever i went to Vegas with my sister and niece spent five days there and loved it, want to go again

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Mine was a bed. The best bed ever… a king memory foam bed, just how I liked it. I’m an awful sleeper- insomnia since childhood and this bed was heaven. I had to get rid of it last year when I got married and I’m still a bit peeved about it, lol. I know it’s a small thing, but I don’t regret the money spent on it, at all.

Also, the condo I purchased 2 years ago, just before everything went crazy.


I love this topic. I hate that I can’t really say I’ve ever had a chance to “splurge” for a vacation… The closest my wife & I have ever had was a 3 day weekend where we rented an Air B&B in the woods. It was mostly nice but of course we were stressed out due to everything happening in our life at the moment & then the car got stuck which did not help. I still don’t regret it though. I just look forward to doing it again with better planning & hopefully more financial freedom.

As for physical things that I’ve spent money on that I don’t regret, I would have to say anything bought for my wife & most of my art supplies. The happiness return on these very much outweighs the monetary value. ?