Would you retire if your spouse were against it?

Would you retire even if your spouse didn’t want you to? Here’s a letter I got a couple of years ago from a gentleman who wants to retire in his mid-50s, but his wife was opposed. https://www.thepennyhoarder.co…ent/should-i-retire/

Money clearly wasn’t the problem, as he had a net worth of over $5 million and no debt. It’s an interesting question, though, because money isn’t the only factor in determining when to retire — it’s just the one that gets the most attention, since it’s typically the biggest hurdle. But retirement is a huge lifestyle change. From a spouse’s perspective, it’s also a huge adjustment. I imagine I’d get nervous about having a bored spouse around the house 24/7.

I got a late start to saving for retirement, so I doubt I’ll be in a position to retire in my mid-50s. But even if I had a seven-figure net worth like the letter writer, I’m not sure that I’d want to retire early. Rather than give up working altogether, I’d probably look at ways to scale back on working to reduce stress and improve my health without retiring entirely.

If you could afford to retire tomorrow, would you do it even if your spouse didn’t want you to? I’m also curious about the flip scenario: Would you want your spouse to keep working even if they could afford to retire?

Well, that’s an interesting question!
I would have no problem if my husband retired if we can afford it. In fact, he essentially did. He retired from being a Lineman at 55 (at the same time we married and he moved to NH) and now works PT in a grocery store to keep busy and have some gas money. I hold the insurance and contribute to my 403B, and I’m 6 years younger, so I continue to work and support the household. It’s no hardship since I love my job, thankfully.
Would I NOT retire if he didn’t want me to? It would really depend on so many factors- mainly why he feels that way and what’s getting in the way. I would think that if her really objected, then I would not do it, at least at that time.
I’m glad we are on the same page, at least right now. We both want to retire early.

LOL. I remember when my uncle retired, my aunt hated it. He started giving her cooking tips, cleaning tips, etc. None of these things he’d ever been involved in before. She signed him up for two bowling leagues. It was a hilarious situation.

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For sure I will retire early if ever I can, and there’s nothing my spouse will be able to do about it! I understand how the reader is worried about the lifestyle change, but I’m sure her husband will dive deeper into some hobbies and/or find a more casual job he finds rewarding.

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I retired at age 50 and my wife many years earlier so she could stay home and focus on raising the kids. Both were joint decisions. As long as you have plans on what you are going to do on an ongoing basis to remain active and productive, it is no problem.

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if thats what he or i wanted i say go for it,

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