Would you want to retire in your 40s?

Is anyone here pursuing FIRE? Or at the very least trying to retire long before their 60s? I got this letter a few months back from a couple who is considering retiring at age 42 on $1.5 million. https://www.thepennyhoarder.co…ment/retire-at-42-2/. The idea of this couple leaving the workforce so early makes me a bit nervous, mostly because so much of their livelihood would be tied up in a small family business.

But I guess my bigger question for all of you is: If you were confident you could afford to, would you want to retire in your 40s (or even earlier)?

I’m not sure that I would. On top of giving me a paycheck, my work gives me a sense of purpose. Don’t get me wrong: I’d love to never have to sit through another long meeting or set my alarm clock. But I’m pretty sure I’d get bored fast. Maybe that’s partly because I don’t have kids. Whenever I hear stories of people who are pursuing FIRE (financial independence, retire early), it seems like early career burnout is a common theme. I think I have a decent work-life balance, so I’m not at a point where I’m aching to quit working forever.

I love the financial independence part of FIRE, though. (But I’m NOWHERE close to being there). Having enough money saved so that you can live off the earnings and interest sounds so liberating. It gives you the freedom to walk away from any job if it no longer makes you happy. Though the people “retiring” in their 30s and 40s often get a lot of attention, a lot of them aren’t really retired. They’ve achieved financial independence and are still working, just on their own terms.

My retirement goal is to be able to retire in my late 50s or early 60s. That doesn’t mean I’d actually quit working, necessarily. I want to be sure I keep my mind active. Of course, there are plenty of ways to do that without working. But I’ve seen several family members who have retired and then have experienced cognitive declines at relatively young ages. If I’m able to make my goal happen, I still may choose to work beyond then. But having that choice would be great!

Would you still be working if money were no option? Or would you be on a golf course or a beach or traveling the country in an RV? What is your ideal retirement age?


I am shooting to retire at 60.

But yes, ABSOLUTELY, I would retire early if I could. No question. I am 52 and love my job and feel I have a great balance, but to have more time with my kids and travel more and just have time for ME, oh yes.

My husband ‘retired’ from his career as Lineman about a year and a half ago and now works PT in a grocery store for pocket money and gas. He is happy he left his career.

If I still have to work even PT, I would keep my job as Social Worker. But if money were no object, I’d leave a vapor trail and head to the lake, permanently. ?


I guess if I had unlimited money to travel and do anything, I might want to retire early. But in the couple’s scenario you presented, $1.5 million wouldn’t be enough to live a jet-setting lifestyle free from any financial worries, especially with kids.
So long as I’m healthy enough and enjoy my work, I’d rather be at a job with a steady income and retire in my 60s or 70s.


I would for sure retire in my 40s if it were possible! I’d get to enjoy lots of precious quality time with my young son. I’d travel a lot more, visit friends and family way more often and get to dive deeper into my hobbies.

That said, I’d likely pick up a part-time job I enjoy eventually. Something that would keep me physically active and have me interacting with people to keep me sharp and spry.


I would have loved to have retired in my 40s, sad thing is I’m in my 50s now. Can not touch 401k until 59 1/2 at the earliest to avoid taxes and penalties as you inform them, are they planning on selling their home once the kids are gone and buying a smaller home ? Won’t be able to collect Social Security until 62 at the earliest, and no mention of having health or life insurance (premiums) or Wills and/or Living Trusts.

Starter accounts for kids ?!? In what ? The stock market or savings accounts ? or the family business ? Who/whom/will fund these accounts while the kids are still growing up and off at college ? Does not mention where kids will live during college, at home or dorm life, or apartment ! (more expenses). Then there is transportation for kids during the kid’s college years, and the expenses that come with all the care and upkeep on cars.

These are some of my thoughts.

This answer would have be no, I would not retire in my 40’s, the reason being is because I loved my profession. I was not ready to give it up at that point. Another reason was I was going through a divorce and could not afford to stop working.

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No i enjoy working with the children at school living alone in a senior complex and seeing what i see, no way i want to live love and laugh money never buys happiness ,family buys joy and happiness


I have not given much thought to my retirement but after reading this, Even if I’m confident, I would love to continue working as work/job has my everyday life. I love doing jobs and being active. BTW, 40 sounds a bit early for retirement to me. I might want to shorten my time to work and add a few activities at my 40s. 50s.60s.70s…

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