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I did a search and could not find a post like this so I decided to make one. It takes hard work, discipline and sometimes or often some sacrifice to have a 800+ Credit score so we deserve a place to celebrate.

The only rule is that your credit score has to be 800 or more on TWO out of the three credit reporting agencies. Post a screenshot to celebrate and verify your achievement!

Screenshot_20211222-115945_Credit Karma


Congrats, Rick – that’s an achievement to be proud of! While I have some work to do, I hope to be back in the 800+ club soon!

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That’s great, having an 800 score. Good job.

Congratulations I have worked my way to the 800 club

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Congratulations… its not easy, one purchase can easily take you down. I have seen mine change almost 100 points just by making a purchase and then back up by paying it off.

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Congratulations Rick! You are correct that a large purchase can move the rating down. I just found that out and was a little surprised how quickly it happened! We made about 20K worth of home improvements last December and put it on one credit card to take advantage of the 3% credit card rewards and bingo, within 30 days my score had dropped into the 700’s. We do not carry a balance on our cards so when the balance moved to $0 the next month, it popped right back up those 100 points again. I wish the credit bureaus would react that quickly when we find an error on their credit reports!! LOL!


Same here, its bad when it falls but when you pay it off its nice to get an alert :warning: that says “Your credit score went up 96 points” …

Come on people, there has to be more than 2 or 3 people with an 800+ score…

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Finally BACK in the 800+ club after making a large purchase last April.

It took me until now to get the balances paid low enough to get back to 800 or better.

Curious to see what my score is when all the cards are paid.

Should be higher than the 805 last time, let ya know in about a month…lol

Just checked and confirmed I’m still in the club! Although it’s come down a little recently having opened a couple cards to travel hack a trip to CA, paid off a car and purchased another new one, and one of my cards lowered my credit limit.

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DAMN, great job!

I have never been above 805 and since 850 is as good as it gets, I don’t know what a person would have to have to get 850.

Question, what is your highest ever and what does it show on yours that is holding it back.

Another words do you have any balances or is your age not old enough or what could you possibly do to raise it, just so I know.


The highest I’ve seen on paper was 840 when getting approved for a car loan (not my most recent one, the car before my current one). It says my average age of accounts is 10 years, 100% on time payment, and my utilization is at 2%. Like I mentioned in my original post, I’ve been busier than normal having just bought a car in September and opening a couple of new cards - so those hard inquires are probably dragging me down. I spend on one of my cards for points and only pay off the statement balance each month so if I cut that out I could maybe get higher too.

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I am waiting to see my updated score in a few days.

I may be at 815 but the credit AGE is killing me because my credit age is just over 4 years. If it were 10 I would probably be right there with you.

But still, you should be proud and keep it up. It takes a lot to do everything right year after year.


I am closer but this is as good as mine can get until my CREDIT AGE gets better and that, literally and figuratively takes TIME.

So I can only impact that by NOT opening new accounts which drops the age.

Screenshot_20230223_115904_Credit Karma

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