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Hello all

I’d like some feedback/suggestions on where to audition for commercials. I am 61 years old and since i’ve been home watching lot of television and I am seeing many commercials with mature age people. Any ideas and where to apply for such jobs. I will retire soon and I am thinking this would be a great gig, and make some money too!

I look forward to your responses.


I would say to Google what you are looking for so you can see what is closest. Acting agencies or modeling agencies mainly. Do NOT fall for the places that want to charge you a fee to join or pay a large amount for a picture portfolio to be done for you. They are frauds. My daughter used to be in print ads and I had to go to a city that was 50 miles away to the agency and then travel to jobs at our own expense. If you are not in NYC or LA most agencies are relatively small and only offer local jobs not TV commercials though.


Thanks you so much Leslie for your suggestions !

Hey there! There are a few sites… Starnow I had success with in Australia, Backstage is popular in the USA, Slayt live is new, I’ve had some nibbles there but it’s slow since production is shut down worldwide. But you can start by recording yourself practicing what you see on commercials and looking up workshops online! Good luck!

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thank you so much Emily!