Anyone else having issues with Acorns?

I recently signed up with Acorns to invest my change (small unmissed change right). It’s been OVER a week and still haven’t been able to get completely set up. The page that comes up when you open app “personal information”, asks for just that. But I fill it out & hit next to continue & window pops up that says " Something went wrong. Please try again in a few minutes". Well, that was over a week ago & still trying. They have no customer service number on there that I could see. Does anyone have any clue what to do about this? Has it happened to anyone else? Starting to not trust Acorns now without any way to get in touch.

I personally didn’t have any trouble signing up but that was almost 2 years ago. I have however had friends who had some trouble signing up especially regarding adding their bank and personal information.

As far as contacting support, a lot of investing apps don’t have phone numbers just because they don’t have the staff to manage phone support.

For Acorns, if you need help you can send an email to and you should be able to get the assistance you are needed. Although I can say from personal experience that it may take several emails (and days in between) to get your issue completely resolved.

Acorns is a reputable company and they have been around for a little while now, however if I am being completely honest, they are my least favorite investing platform of all the ones I have tried.

I’ve called Acorns customer support before. The number I used is: (855) 739-2859. And for what it’s worth I really love this app. It’s helped me save money in an investment account and an IRA. Good luck!

Hi @fauna! Were you able to get in touch with Acorns’ customer service team for help with the sign up process?

I was reading (on another financial site) about Acorns’ fees. It doesn’t seem worth it to me to pay 12% in fees to hold $100 in the account all the time. To make it worth it to me, which would be under 1% in fees, it looks like you have to hold $5,000 in the account all the time. Do you know what are you paying in fees for your Acorns account?