Investment apps

Has anyone ever signed up for an investment app? Like Stash and Acorns? I would like to be able to passively save some money as I have no retirement. I am not sure how good these apps are. I know no one personally who has ever used them. Has anyone here? What’s your opinion yay or nay?

I have signed up for both.

They are both basic and simple to use, however I much rather prefer Stash over Acorns.

With Stash, you choose your own companies and stocks to invest in whereas with Acorns, it is a robo-advisor so a computer does the work for you.

So far I have had them both for over a year and I am just barely starting to see a return from Acorns. For the longest time they were actually losing me money. When you add on the monthly fee, it makes it not really worth it for me. Maybe if I had a significant amount of money in there it might be different but so far I am not very thrilled.

I really like Stash as it allows me to invest mostly in dividend paying stocks and I have seen pretty good returns on some of my investments.

I also use quite a few other investment apps that all work differently and I would recommend in various situations.

Thank you ! Just what I wanted to know .