Tell me about Stash and Aspiration

(Hi all! First time on here.) Those of you who use either one of these–or both–what can you tell me about them? Other than what their websites do, I mean. Also, what has your general experience with them been like? I’m giving some thought to using them, but I’d like more information before I do. Thanks!

I jut started using Aspiration and I do like that it has a
save account and spend account.

I think @moore.income can answer these questions
for you and I think they was brought up some where
else. I’ll take a look and see if I can find where.

I love Stash because it makes investing easy–I put $10 aside a week and it automatically invests in two ETFs that I chose. I also reinvest the dividends; it notifies you when you get dividends via e-mail. I’m using Stash to save up for a trip to Iceland and getting very close to my goal at a rate I couldn’t get in a savings account. Like any investment, however, there is a chance of going bust.

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I have been using both Stash and Aspiration for quite some time now.

Aspiration is a great bank account that pays a decent interest rate. I use it personally to stash away some money and earn better interest than I would at my local bank.

Stash is an investment app that allows you to purchase fractions or whole shares in a company. I personally like Stash as an investment app because it is easy to use and they give you all the information you need to make a good investment decision.

They also have Stash Retire which allows you to set up a retirement account and put money into that.

Also, they recently opened a bank account so you can put money aside and get rewards in the form of “stock-back” when you purchase things using your debit card at different places which then gives you a cashback bonus in the form of stock.

Overall, I only have good things to say about both apps.


I have just stared using Stash also. So far so good. They make it so simple to do. I like that they have so many options to choose from and that there is always help and education on the site to help you through your money and investing questions.