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I have been interested in the investment apps such as Stash, Acorns, and Robinhood. I’ve been using them for a while now, mostly Stash, and now have more income and would like to get more into investing. Now, I still don’t have a bunch of money to invest. Which is why I enjoy Stash with the fractional shares. I like Acorns’ of the ease of investment with the funds already picked out. And I like the free trade and ease of trade on Robinhood. I have a 401k through my employer so that is my big long term nest egg. I’m 29 and would love to generate some passive income to potentially retire early. Is there an advantage to using several investing apps or just condense down to 1? Is there one that is preferred to the others? Are there any others that are recommended?

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I think different apps have different pros and cons. I like Acorns which I use for ETF’s to have a basket of diversified funds and securities across various sectors. I use Stash for individual stocks and different fund types outside of ETF’s to create diversification. So I think having different apps can give you more options and choices to create a strong strategy. I also use Robinhood but mainly for crypto. For passive income have you considered LendingClub or Prosper to generate it?

SOFI has no fees!!

they have stocks, fractional shares, crypto, ETFs, robo engines. they have a ton of perks too.


I use STASH for EFT’s and Individual Stocks, I have Acorns for the mutual funds and I use Prosper for some passive income, in addition I use Fundrise for Real Estate passive income.

STASH an Acorns offer some good educational articles and advice, Acorns’ newsletter and blog is very helpful for resources too.


@jeff How long have you been invested in Fundrise and what has been your experience with them? I’ve been thinking about investing in Fundrise for a while now and am looking for people’s experiences.
p.s. I also use Prosper as an investment!

Well Gina,

Fundrise has been a good avenue, the low minimum of $500 to start and fin an account is very reasonable, the starter portfolio fund gives you opportunity to make money and learn, then you can decide what more advanced portfolio/fund you might want to go with, once you’ve learned their lingo and styles. I’ve been with Fundrise for about 4 or 5 years now, average return for me has been 17%

Thanks Jeff!