Attach your credit card or bank card to an app

We recently decided to use a app coupon for lunch out at a fast food chain restaurant, there was a decent promotional offer at the bottom of the offers, for first time use only. I could not figure out how to access it because it restricted it to delivery only and were at the drive thru. No need for delivery. The manager finally after going through the steps it required said you have to attach your cc or bank card. I was unwilling to release this info.

How comfortable do you feel about these types of offers?

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Not comfortable at all. I don’t like linking to my bank account at all, and I bypass may coupons and offers because of that.

I did get a bluebird card that can be reloaded at Walmart that I sometimes use. My bank account is not connected to Bluebird. I reload it in cash.


There is no way I would link my credit card or bank card to any type of app.

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I have my debit card attached to several food place apps. Never had a problem. If I did, my bank would fix it. Bank account, no way tho.

Unfortunately, most of the fast food apps do require that you attach your card. So, you either do it or don’t get to use it.

I have the Dunkin app on my phone. I have an account with them (it started as a gift card) and it gets replenished for $25.00 when the balance goes below $10.00. I have never had any problems with it. I always get a notification when it is being replenished. This is so much easier than carrying a gift card that is easily lost. Another thing that gets automatically replenished when the balance falls below a certain amount is EZ pass. That is linked with a credit card and I also get a notification when it needs to be replenished.

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I wouldn’t mind attaching a credit card. If you monitor your card, catching any fraud can be quick and most cards have zero liability. So the second you see a charge you don’t recognize you can call up the card company and they will take care of it and you can carry on with your life. I would never do the bank account, and a little skeptical in using a debit card, unless i keep the balance really low.

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I’m not comfortable with apps pays thru a linked card such as those that allow one to pay with the app at drive thrus, retail stores, etc. I’ve looked into Ibotta pay and Google pay but I can’t mentally overcome the risk vs the benefits. A credit card is convenient enough for me.

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It happened so fast, all of a sudden I found myself entering the cc numbers into 2 different apps, or they just did not work well, 1 was Starbucks, the other a local bagel shop. No problems so far, but will not do it again.

Tried Ibotta for awhile, it was too labor intensive for specific name brand products that needed to be continually bought. You would need to be the bread winner for a massive family that benefits from a marketing scheme. Just can’t do it when there are many equivalent brands that preform well and taste just as good. Also with Ibotta, you cannot return what your have bought as part of their program.

Isn’t a debit card attached to your bank account? My understanding of a debit card is that the money comes out of your account immediately. I use a credit card for most purchases - I get reward points that I can use for hotel stays and other things. Last year we went to Maine for 6 days and didn’t have to use any money for the hotel. Using the credit card makes it easier and faster at the register - no fumbling trying to get my wallet out, counting the money then waiting for the change and trying to put everything away so nothing gets lost or misplaced. Especially in the grocery store where I am watching to be sure I get the correct sale price, bagging my items, etc.

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I’ve used ibotta for years now, about 2 years with a card attached. It’s never a ton of savings, but savings nonetheless. Love getting the money back and yet to have an issue.

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I suggest getting an PayPal Debit card. I NEVER use my bank debit card. If my account gets compromised while using my debit ir credit cards, PayPal protects me and is the best in returning your funds ASAP! If you use your debit or credit cards, you have NO access to your missing funds while they investigate. I have my credit and debit card linked through them, and haven’t had a problem ever! I use it as a credit card and earn cash back. You can choose the card you want as the funding source.

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I have had a Starbucks card linked to my debit card for years. Never an issue. Same with Rakuten.

I find that having debit or prepaid cards attached to my bank account a great way to maximize points, cash back, or any other special offers available. I use a paypal debit card for online purchases as well as postmates and uber, and basically whatever card is offering the best return for what I plan to purchase. I constantly check promos for the most updated info, and if a better offer comes, I go online and switch the prefered card used.

I have never had an issue with fraud, and depending on promos available and my purchasing needs, I normally accumulate about $300 monthly. That does not include any discounts I may find and use, only promotional offers for cash back, points etc.


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