Collecting social security

Does anyone know if a wife can collect on their husband’s ss if husband is over 70 and wife is 65? Husband is already collecting ss benefits.

no i can’t help you hope some one can good luck

If you don’t already you may wish to consider establishing an account on the Social Security website; they have questionnaires that may provide your scenario and help you in your decision. In regards to your specific question - I believe there was a specific year (ie. Age) cut off in regards to the scenario that you are suggesting. Again, your best bet is the website.

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Thanks for the info. The conditions listed are very confusing, but I will try to figure it out.

Yes, make an appointment and talk to the people at social security, they will set you straight.

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Yes, go to the source, make an apt at social security and they will give you the answers to your questions. If need be bring a notebook and write down your possibilities that will best help you.

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