Credit Card Approvals

Does anyone have any tips on getting approved for credits cards that provide cash back and/or getting balance increases?

Credit scores are a huge thing. 2 tricks you can do (if you already have a credit card) that’s worked for me:

  1. Pay off your credit card debt twice a month (if you have a card already)

  2. Increase the credit limit on your existing credit card while spending the same money each month (decrease your debt-to-income ratio)

If you don’t already have a credit card, you might get a riskier credit card with higher APY to build up credit. Just make sure you always, 100% of the time, pay off your bill fully twice a month to maximize your credit score without having to pay any interest.

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When I started out, I had a secured card, which I used and paid on (paid off the balance every month) for a year. After that I asked for a regular credit card. Then after using that responsibly for a few years, I asked for a limit increase. Now they increase the limit without me asking. I still pay it off every month. I followed the advice of the financial counselor at the bank, and it worked for me. Not a quick fix, but it works.

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Capital one has a program that starts you off with 200 dollars then build up from there i thing the interest rate is high but get started then get a lower rate credit card

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I got my 1st credit card through my bank, not a debit card but a credit card. I made sure the balance was paid in full each month. I started out at $1000 and now have it up to $3300 after 8 years. I only get 1% cash back but they offer ‘specials’ where I can get 10-15% cash back.

I have another card that offers variable cash back; gas, travel, purchases at certain stores & other purchases. From 1-7% cash back.