Do any wanting to raise extra money ever...

type papers for college students, write letters for friends or businesses to people or customers that they can’t stay in touch with without help, etc., to keep putting money back into something like a 401K (Roth)? If you do, what is the going rate these days? My wife is considering doing this.

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It’s a great idea! I think it would be difficult to implement. Much depends on if your wife wants only “work from home” or if she would enjoy going to a job. I do surveys for Branded Surveys. If I spend 2 hours every day I can make 60/month. The Penny Hoarder has recently looked into doing surveys to make money. The PH also has an article(s). on other “work from home” opportunities. Find the menu link for . past articles… My best advice is to go and get a part time job., I worked last 15 years at a Target store as a part-time employee. You earn $, .You get to be out of the house. You get a discount, ,get to be interacting with people. It’s amazing how those small checks add up.