Does anyone know of any good stock market trackers?

I want something like Morningstar but free

Hey Jakelag! Glad to see you on here.

I don’t know of any, but just wanted to welcome you and am curious to see what the community recommends.

Hey, welcome @jakelag! I keep an eye on my portfolio within the TD Ameritrade app.

If you have an iPhone, you can pick stocks to follow and check in on them as often as you like. I find it to be pretty useful!

There are browser extensions for Chrome that work well, too.

I’m looking for a good tool to look at all of my different investments in one place, I have a robinhood, vanguard, and merrill

I know about Morningstar but I don’t want to pay $40/month, so I’m wondering if anyone has a favorite free app

I use Mint and I like it, but not sure it can track individual stocks. But it does give you a nice overview of all your finances.

I would strongly recommend StockLift on the App Store. Pretty neat. First place I’ve found that offers free analysis of my portfolio - like Mint for investing. It shows how diversified I am by sector across my multiple accounts and gives me a Diversification Score and compares my investments to S&P 500


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