Financial Accomplishments (SHARE YOURS)

Every small step in the right direction is one step closer to the goal!

When it comes to financial fitness, every accomplishment (no matter how small) is important, as it helps you create a better financial future.

Even something as small as not buying a coffee and instead putting that money you would have spent into savings is a financial accomplishment worth celebrating.

The more times you do these small things, you begin to create good financial habits that you will carry with you the rest of your life.

One goal I personally have achieved is to have at least 1K in savings in case of emergency.

I did not realize it but I have been saving little bits here and there in a couple different accounts. The amounts I saved were so small I did not even miss the money.

But my wife and I counted the other day and lo and behold the total amount now adds up to more than 1K! (Now its time to double that! ;))

The cool thing is, this was all done while putting a significant amount towards paying off debt and also putting money into investments.

Some of my next goals that I hope to accomplish soon:

  • Have a total of 5K in investments (stocks, REIT, Roth IRA)

  • Finish paying off all credit cards

  • Get my stash of nickels to over 1K

Now it’s your turn!

What are some of your recent financial achievements?

What are some goals you have for the near future?

Let us all know in the comments so we can all celebrate!


A recent win for me was that I figured out how to put an extra $230 payment on my car each month. I had been making good progress to pay my loan about 2 years early, and now I’m even closer - she should be paid off by July!

(Yes, my car is a she. Her name is Birdie, short for Snowbird, because she’s white and I bought her right after I moved to Florida.)

Once that’s done and I allocate those funds toward other debts (I hate my student loans so much), I also want to put aside money for holiday travel and gifts. A little goes a long way if you start saving early enough for those spendy months, I figure!


I finally automated my distributions out of my paycheck into my savings and Roth IRA! And for the first time, I increased those distributions by 1% each, totally 22% of my paycheck paying myself first!

Even though my paycheck looks smaller, it prevents me from spending more because I already took it off the top!


I’ve put $1,000 in the bank. Paid $500 and $750
on 2 credit cards off. Paid a bill of a $118 off
which the $10 will go in my saving each month.
The 2 credit cards I paid off that money will go
to paying other credit cards off. I paid for my domain
name for a year and hosting for 3 months.

Instead of swapping my bank card i’ve been pulling
a certain amount off my card and what ever change i
get back i put that up and once the money gone i don’t
spend any more unless we need some thing food wise
or gas.

I’m going to try each week and buy coins from the bank.
Not sure what i want to start with or my be buy some each
week. I wont miss $1 or $2 or even $5 a week and that will go for
saving or gifts


We have taken better control of our budget. I think I got the idea of “sinking funds” from a Penny Hoarder post. We figured out all our bills that are not monthly (car insurance, garbage bill, etc) and figured out a monthly payment for them. We have a separate account for that money. It broke us of the habit of raiding the savings account when we had a bill like that. So now savings grows without interference and we have money set aside when these bills come up!


My life mantra:a drop turns into a puddle, a puddle to a pond, a pond to a lake and a lake to an ocean! Make every dollar work for you…Citibank 2% cash back cc. Charge everything and pay bill in full every month. Over 6 yrs we have earned over $7000 in cash back points. Pay as many bills as possible with the cc. We’re very frugal…shop at 2nd hand stores, order ice water when we eat out, etc…it’s the little things that add up. We’re super savers putting away over 30% of our earned income. With extra money in our savings account we buy mobile homes and work with people with bad credit. They are so thankful to be given an opportunity to work towards owning their own home. Everyone pays on time…if they default, we simply resell the unit. We put as much money as we can in our health savings accounts. This can be used during retirement to pay our Medicare premiums with tax free dollars. It’s a mind set…listen to Clark Howard and Dave Ramsey, financial gurus, learn good things and put into practice!!


MARY G sounds like you have a really good plan there.

@mary.g Sounds like you are putting to practice some great financial principles. I am still learning and just starting to put into practice good financial principles for a better financial future.

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