Financial Fitness February: Day 2

It’s day 2 of my Financial Fitness February challenge so here are the things that took place that had an impact on my finances:

1.) Returned an item I really didn’t need on Amazon - I had purchased a Bluetooth speaker, and although it was nice, I realized I really didn’t need it and I can make better use of the money.

Since it was still within the return period, I went ahead and sent it back to Amazon. That put $32.24 back in my pocket.

Also, since I chose to drop it off at Kohl’s which was the free option, they gave me a 25% off coupon which I will be able to combine with the $10 Kohl’s cash I got from yesterday’s purchase.

I will end up using that to either make a purchase for something we really need for our apartment we recently moved into, or try to find something to resell.

2.) Purchased $340 worth of shoes to resell. I saw a tip on Instagram about some shoes for sale at Walmart that are becoming really popular.

Since there are a lot of people not able to get them in their area, there is an opportunity to resell them online.

Since I am trying to get into full time reselling, I decided it was a worthy investment to pick up the ones available at my local Walmart.

I don’t know the exact number, but I am hoping to at least double my money.

3.) Sold an item on eBay! I am not making much on the item, maybe like $5 profit when it is all said and done, but that is one sale closer to becoming a full time reseller and I could’t be more excited!

FUN FACT: Kohl’s allows you to use percentage off coupons and a specific dollar amount of a certain purchase price allowing you to maximize your savings.

LESSON FROM TODAY: Not everything we buy is something we need. We should recognize when this is the case and make the better financial choice if possible. Also, reselling is not an easy business but it works, one sale at a time!

That wraps it up for day two of my Financial Fitness February.

How was your second day of the month? Share your financial wins in the comments!

Thanks for your posts !


Ok, today. Day 3. I cooked dinner when I didn’t really feel like it. Win!

We transferred some money from our regular savings into a CD that is renewing to increase the interest. We’re fairly certain we will not need the money any time soon, Good Lord Willing.

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Way to go @dboothe! Cooking instead of eating out can really save you some money when you add up how much it costs.

I purchased some health supplements back in January, they offered money back gurantee , no questions asked for 90 days since purchase. After a month I saw no significant improvement and I emailed for instructions on how to send them back. I questioned their attitude from the beginning, they realized how hard it would be for me to ship the products back so they said keep the products we’ll give you 50% of cost. I said No. I shipped the products back as instructed and waited a month with back for emails with no results. Today I called them and waited 25 minutes until I got an agent and demanded to know why they wouldn’t abide by the money back, no questions, asked 90 day guarantee. I got the refund. You have to be persistent. $239.00


I too, am persistent when I believe a refund is due or even a medical procedure should be covered. I fought with an insurance company for a full year to get them to pay for a test that should have been covered. They just kept telling me it was denied and that I could appeal the decision…and it kept getting denied. I had to finally write a letter to the highest employee I could find for Blue Cross and explain in detail (I kept notes of everyone I spoke to, the date and what they told me), the whole year’s ordeal only to FINALLY find out the doctor’s office had coded it incorrectly. Unacceptable.


It is surprising how many times people don’t take into account the ability to get a refund and yet doing so could save them a lot of money.

Especially if the product does not live up to its name, it is only right for the company who made the promise to you to give you your money back.

Sometimes, people would just rather not deal with the hassle, but that can be bad for their finances.

Also, when it comes to medical, it seems that mistakes happen more often then not and it is definitely important to keep good records and know your rights as an individual.


@dboothe We’ve gone up against a Medicare denial for a miscode by the Dr office. It happens way too often.

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People need to be aware of what their medical benefits are and make sure they are not blindly paying every medical bill that hits their mail box.

@Moore Income Thanks Jon, for the reminder to return items that are sub-par or if that is not possible, to at least email the company to let them know exactly what happened. Be prepared to give them the UPC code, the store and date where you bought the item. You will usually get a coupon for a free product. I have only done this when there was an actual problem with the product, so if people abuse this, I’m sure it will stop.

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