Financial Fitness February: Day 3

The days are just flying by and we are already 3 days into this month.

As part of my challenge to share my financial wins and encourage others to do the same, here’s what went down today…

1.) I Spent More Money - now, I know that may not sound like a financial win at first glance but allow me to explain.

The money spent was on products that I have sourced for my reselling business, so although the money is spent today, I consider it more of an investment as I plan to sell the products I bought at a higher price in the future.

I invested somewhere around $200 in products but, if all goes well I am expecting to get at least that much or more back in PROFIT when it is all said and done.

FUN FACT: Walmart Has Hidden Clearance! Most of my product sourcing was done in the Walmart Clearance isle. If you did not know, sometimes clearance items may have a certain price but when you scan the items in the Walmart app, it will tell you the actual price at the store. I found multiple items that were on clearance for $9 and were only $5 and some that said $5 and were only $2. The price should always ring up at the register to what the app says but if not, you can always show them the app and they should match the price.

2.) Free Coffee - This is something I take advantage of every weekday. I have discovered that the gas station right by my wife’s work serves free 12 oz. coffees every morning from 7-9. Since I drop my wife off at work, I just swing by and get a cup so that I don’t have to buy any from a coffee shop. And the best part about it, it is Caribou coffee which happens to be my favorite.

That being said, there is also a grocery store in my town that has free coffee in the mornings, and my bank also serves coffee so by making the most of it, I am able to save myself some money that way!

3.) Planning Ahead with Groupon - This is something that technically happened the other day but since I forgot to share, I figured I would now as someone might find it helpful.

My wife and I have been trying to figure out what we want to do for our anniversary in July. We have learned that planning ahead can save you a lot of money compared to making short term plans.

Groupon is a site that offers deals on things like restaurants, things to do, lodging and even products. My wife and I have used it a lot, especially while we were traveling. The site is free to use but we subscribe to Groupon+ for $6 a month as it gives us an additional % off our purchases.

The other day, there happened to be a deal on a 150 minute evening train ride in a town about 2 hours away that we have been wanting to visit. We decided visiting that town on our Anniversary would be great and the train ride will make it even more fun.

The train ride for 2 deal was $22 or so dollars but with our Groupon+ discount, we got it down to $17.25, plus I also used Samsung Pay to get an additional cash back of $3.43 on our purchase bringing the total cost down to just $13.82!

WIN, WIN and WIN again!

LESSON FROM TODAY: Invest in yourself, don’t be afraid to take a risk now that can bring you a reward down the road. Also, before you make any purchase, always do a little digging to see if there is a way you can save a little extra!

Sorry if that was a little long winded!

What is you latest WIN?

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Thanks Jon! I didn’t realize there was a Groupon+ ! Thanks for that tip! I love your adventures you are willing to share with reselling, I have resold a few things on ebay and hoping to build that up!


Use Ebates/Rakuten as well for additional cash back! There IS a referral phone, so hit me up if you haven’t signed up yet.

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@mintjulep Groupon+ has been a great way for my wife and I to save money. They usually run a promotion for people who sign up the first time so look into that if you decide to sign up.

I am glad you enjoy what I share about reselling, I am sharing a lot more about my journey on my YouTube channel but I will also try and figure out an effective way to share my reselling journey in this community for those who might be looking to make additional income that way.


@matthew.peterson Great tip for sure! I would usually end up using a cash back site like that but since Samsung Pay was offering 20% cashback, it was the most money saving method of making that purchase.

I have used Rakuten a lot in the past but more recently I have found that Be Frugal offers a slightly higher percentage back than Rakuten at nearly every merchant so I have been using them instead.

They also have a sign up and referral bonus so let me know if you are interested in checking them out!


Hi Jon, I have been thinking about a cashback site, but didn’t know which one to use. Thanks for the Be Frugal site information. I would definitely like to check them out.

I definitely would be interested in Be Frugal!

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@matthew.peterson I will send you a message with more info.

@dboothe Sent you a message as well!

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Great stuff, I have some catching up to do as this was Day 3.

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