Financial Fitness February: Day 21

Today was fairly slow financially. Not a lot happened but I will share what went down.

1.) Bought a TI 84 Calculator

I was able to find a TI Calculator on FB Marketplace today and the seller was willing to take $25 for it.

I will buy these calculators at this price all day long because if I hang on to those until school starts up again, I will be able to sell them for upwards of $80 to $100.

I consider these calculators to be an investment and they are almost always worth picking up if you can get them at the right price.

2.) Did One Delivery

Generally, on Fridays, I try to do a lot of deliveries, but today it didn’t work out as I was busy taking care of things around the house.

I did however do one delivery so I could finish getting enough points on UberEats to continue at the Platinum Pro Delivery driver level. This allows me some extra perks such as a free drink daily from Subway, cashback on gas when using the Uber Debit Card and free roadside assistance.

Although I rarely use these perks, they are nice to have and since I only needed two points, I decided to do one delivery since they were offering 3 points per delivery at the lunch hour.

In total I earned $7.34 for the delivery and got a $5 cash tip. It took me a while to get an order so I was logged on for 58 minutes but was doing other stuff while waiting on an order.

Other than that, my wife and I went to that dinner at our church that we paid for earlier this week and we had a great time and good food.

That’s about it for today though.

Do you have any wins to share?


It was a slow day for us too, just stayed home and hung out, at least we did not randomly spend money. The property tax was overdue, we finally got that straightened out by a earlier trip to the courthouse. My husband is retired and a veteran, also 100% disabled. Because he served so long and is disabled, we are eligible for a property tax exemption, because of when we filed with the county we had to pay a fraction of the tax due $418 ( usually over $1,000 and rising each year), next year it will only be about $60 for the Chesapeake Bay restoration-no getting away from that.


Not much going on here. You need to relax a little. Monday is on the way!


Well, spent today running errands, oh how I hate them.

My husband assembled a portable plant greenhouse today, bought it last year at ALDI on clearance…about 5’x 24" x 32" inches with 4 tiers and has a plastic cover with a zipper and vents on the top. Can’t remember what we paid for it but it was a bargain. So excited and ready to use it, have seedlings ready to go. Nothing as fresh as something you can pick from your own garden and enjoy.

We love to grow our own food here, so good and love gardening.


REDCATCEC It must be wonderful to have your own greenhouse. That will be so rewarding.


@redcatcec That is probably the thing I most like about the stay at home days is the fact it really keeps you from spending a ton of money because the temptation is much less.

And of course, the chance to wind down a bit a relax is also great


hello, i’m new here, and looking forward to learning from you all, i was suprised to be asked to go to Vegas with my sister so i work partime, and live on a fixed income, i was able to save some money for the trip, by working as a T.A, and making it work, will be reading and learning from you all, have a great day thank you


Hi there! How did you like being a T.A.?

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i love being aT.A. anytime spent learning with k-4th is a great day

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I just got a job being a substitute T.A. but have not started. I don’t know where you are from but where I live there is a lot of paperwork to do and clearances.

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