Financial Fitness February: Day 25

Today was a pretty good day. Not a lot of financial activity, however I was able to stay busy and get some stuff done.

Here is what went down for the day.

1.) Got Some eBay Listings Done

I was able to get a few listings done today and I also shipped out yesterday’s sale.

I have found that when I consistently list 2 or 3 items a day, I end up getting more listed over time than if I try to list a big number which I end up usually failing at.

Doing this is encouraging me to just stay consistent about posting even if I just get one item up, because that is one more item that is no longer just a potential future profit but now actually has the ability to be purchased.

eBay takes time, but over time you learn and grow and I believe I can turn it into a very profitable venture for myself if I stay consistent over the long run.

2.) Food Delivery Again

I went out and did some food delivery again for the lunch and dinner periods. I figure, since I will be starting back up again at my old job in March, I might as well take advantage of the extra time I have now to give a little boost to my income.

I won’t get into the detailed numbers today but just to give you a roundup.

Today, I made $68.52 and a $5 cash tip. That was from 10 trips and logged in for 4 hrs and 49 min. Of those orders 3 did not tip or have not tipped yet but may tip later.

I spent $8.05 on gas today to fill up, but not all of the gas I used was for the deliveries.

As I mentioned, I will probably be trying to do some food delivery most days this week so I figure I won’t bore you with too many numbers but just share the basic stats.

I did also use this time to film a video for my YouTube channel about delivering with UberEats so it was a WIN WIN for me.

3.) Getting Gas and My Last Mistake

I ended up getting gas again so I could really figure out the numbers of how much I made for my YouTube video about UberEats.

But when I went to fill up today, I realized I actually made a little bit of a money saving mistake the last time I talked about buying gas.

See, I used a coupon to get $0.12 cents off per gallon last time, but what I did not realize until today, is that the gas station I bought gas at last time had gas priced at $2.24 while the one I got gas at today was only $2.15.

So essentially, I only actually saved $0.03 cents per gallon compared to the better price. But when you factor in I get points at the gas station I went to today, which becomes a monetary savings later down the road, I probably would have saved more by just going to this gas station instead of the one I used the coupon at.

But hey, you live and learn!

This small mistake, although it did not affect me in a major way, is just another lesson to teach me to pay a little closer attention because not always is a “deal” really the best deal!

Nothing sold today, but as I mentioned I am getting more stuff listed so I am looking forward to having lots of sales to share from my eBay store in the near future.

Also, I am nearing 200 subscribers on my YouTube channel after passing 100 only about a week ago so I am really excited to see how consistency over there is helping me to grow!

LESSON FROM TODAY: Pay attention to the details. The fine print is usually there for a reason and by missing it, you could be making a mistake. I once read a story of a lady who won $10,000 because it was written in the fine print that you could win by mentioning it. You never really know for sure, so it is always best to pay closer attention.

Share your wins with me in the comments below!

What has been a time for you that you could have saved or earned more money if you had paid closer attention to detail?

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Jon, give your self credit for sticking to it!


@mskimberly :)

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