Financial Fitness February: Day 8

Today wasn’t terribly exciting for my finances, but days like this I am just thankful to have a roof over my head and food to eat!

1.) Buying Groceries In Bulk

My wife and I have a hard time eating food quickly. However, last week she started us on sort of a meal plan which is allowing us to eat all the food we cook without wasting it.

Because we now have a plan in place, we decided it would be a good idea to buy some groceries in bulk from Costco.

Not only does it save us some money on the amount of food, it also saves us time and gas from having to go to the store more often since we literally live right down the road from Costco.

We were able to purchase groceries that will help us make meals for the next several weeks so we should be able to save a bit! WIN!


For us personally, if we had purchased the Costco membership just for ourselves, it probably would not be worth it because we don’t buy a lot (only specific items) from there and since it is bulk we don’t buy often.

That being said, you can actually save money by getting a membership with a family member. While technically, I think you are both supposed to have the same address, my wife and I have since moved away from her parents and they have still allowed us to renew under her mom’s membership.

You would be surprised how many subscription services allow you to do this. For example, my mom is a family member under my Amazon Prime account and we both enjoy the benefits and split the cost every year for the past several years.

FUN FACT: Costco intentionally puts their rotisserie chicken in the back and loses money (between $30-$40 MILLION) selling it so cheap. The reason is because they expect you to come for chicken and leave with more than you came for. My wife and I have tested it… it works every time! source

2.) YouTube Channel Mini Milestone

If you haven’t noticed from my bio, I actually have a YouTube channel where I create videos sharing information to help people Create a Better Financial Future, focusing right now on reselling and food delivery.

Just the other day I hit my first 100 subscribers on my channel!

My goal this year is to hit 1K subscribers, but it is exciting for me that I have been able to get up to even 100.

If you are wondering how this affects my finances. It is no secret that YouTube can be a great source of income.

While my focus on my channel is not about the money, there is a potential that down the road I could start to make some money on the channel and I am excited to be heading in the right direction.

If nothing else, the joy of being able to make videos that I believe will help others on their financial journey is payment enough.

Every subscriber is a person I can help and I try my best to celebrate every time my sub count goes up!

I am currently working on editing my video to celebrate but I had to make sure and post for you guys on here first! ;)

LESSON FROM TODAY: Always check to see if there is a way for you to share a subscription cost with a family member or friend. It can save you money and benefit the both of you.

How is your weekend going? If you have a financial WIN or anything else you would like to share, I would love to hear about it!


Thanks for asking us to join your YouTube channel. I’ve seen the information at the bottom of your posts and have been meaning to hop over to YouTube to check out your vids, but just have not done so yet! But since you asked…!!!

Any day you save money, even by spending money, is a good day!!


Excellent tips, Jon! Now that I am cutting down on groceries, I am putting foods together to make a meal that I would not have done in the past.

@mintjulep I appreciate you checking it out!

And yes, “a penny saved is a penny earned”

@mskimberly That’s great! A lot of us don’t like to try new things because it takes us outside of our comfort zone. But a lot of times, it takes trying new things to get us to a better place financially!