First class ticket to Scamville

Hi everyone,

My go-to website for jobs is Indeed, but today I learned not everyone on Indeed is legit. I was suspicious when the potential employer, a travel agency, got back to me within half an hour of me submitting my application–I mean, I know I used to freelance for Mapquest, but come on! Sure enough, I sat through a Zoom meeting today and listened to exactly what this article describes:…beware/#.Xzmf2OhKhPY

Thankfully I didn’t shell out any money, but I was amazed at the people who were handing over the $49 registration fee that turns into $69.99 next month. I did my homework and found out that Archer Travel Group is an MLM hybrid or a pyramid scam. Side note–beware anyone who says “This is not a scam”.

Anyhow, just wanted to warn those of us who are looking for work that not everything on Indeed is legit, and travel agent is a common scam. As my Mom says, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”


I do freelancing as a part-time job.

Just a tip: any online work that requires you to pay is a red flag.

Your employers must be paying for your work essentials. I.e. subscriptions, devices

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Thanks for the heads up ??

Thanks for the informative post on the pyramid scheme you picked up on. I have often wondered about Indeed and their listings. Thinking about paying for a registration fee is something I would never do.

Yea I found out that most of their remote jobs on Indeed are scams. I searched and a lot of people said that site was a scam. mad