Fun time killer

Hi all,

Sorry I’ve fallen off the face of the 'Net; all hell broke loose. But I’m finally financially in a good place for now and discovered a fun little video game on sale, at least on Switch. It’s called 911 Operator, and takes place in several cities. I downloaded it because you can play in Indianapolis and go to real addresses (although they make some mistakes, such as having a heavy industrial machinery accident in a commercial zone).

Fun Indiana side note, you can also play in Ft. Wayne and South Bend–more than 900 cities are represented, so chances are one you know and love is.

Anyway, it uses real 911 calls and part of the game involves manning emergency services on a budget–if only our city police could earn $20,000 profit in one shift! Just a fun time killer. I have it on Switch, but it comes on other platforms as well. It’s also a fun and affordable way to learn how to deal with real emergencies, ranging from delivering a baby to wrapping a makeshift tourniquet around an amputated leg.

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