I'm safe--sort of

Hi all,

A lot of you know I live in Indianapolis. By now you’ve heard about the mass shooting. I wanted to let you know I am safe, as are my friends who work at FedEx–they were thankfully at a different hub. Unfortunately, my sister-in-law knows one of the victims, so my family is not entirely unscathed. She was 19. I’m still in shock, but sadly not surprised–Indiana’s gun laws are very lax. I literally called the gun store from the psych ward one time and got approved to buy a gun over the phone–and there’s a legal firm here that specializes in helping convicted felons get their firearm rights back. It’s not the first mass shooting we’ve had, either–just one of the deadliest.

But since this is a financial group, I’ll throw something out for tax–I’m designing a T-shirt about the firearm issue. Does anyone know how I can funnel some of the proceeds to the victim’s family?

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