Google search results are based on Keyword Density not Page Rank

Search engine optimization also known as SEO. While search engine ranking is important. Showing up in search results is where the real traffic comes from. Therefore many sites that show up on the results page is not necessarily a Page Rank One site. Quite the contrary. Because to appear on the result page is determined by your target search phrase density. Or target keyword density. The trick however is to use the search phrase or target keyword within context of the content.

Suggested Target keyword and search phrase density

The target keyword and/or search phrase must show at least once in the title. But try to include the target keyword and phrase no more than twice in the Meta description. And as for the post or page content. A keyword density of no less than 0.6%. Which roughly calculates to around 6 times. But 6% is the minimum requirement. The suggested maximum however is around 2 – 4 times that (1.2% - 2.4%) for better search results. But should not exceed 29 times, depending on content volume. I have to add however that having a keyword density that high will require a lot of work.

Results are greatly boosted with unique quality content. Something not elsewhere available on the internet. Therefore Google is also leveraged to gain the knowledge needed. To create such content and get recognized as a professional in your field. That is also the only “Secret” about making money online. You must offer your visitor exactly what they are looking for. Therefore the targeted keyword and/or search phrase need to be painfully precise.

The position your site shows on the search result page will definitely attract visitors. Whether you will profit from those visitors is entirely up to you. And the only way you can do that is by offering value. While also focusing on the first impression. What is it that your visitor sees first when following your link? Does the first impression (Post Featured Image) suggest a solution to a common need? Does it raise curiosity to want to know more?

Research tools for Site Rank and Traffic Volume

Traffic volume for a particular site can be viewed with tools like SimilarWeb. And page rank can be checked with “PR Checker” (Google Page Rank Checker) or “Check Page Rank” (Check Page Rank Dot Net). While you may also want to check on the site Trust Rating by using “ScamAdvisor”. Simply do a Google search for these keywords and access all these free tools.

Results work best with professional content. And that will never change. But you have a vast ocean of information to discover with Google search. All the knowledge you could possibly need to offer the required value.

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From what I have heard, Google no longer allows people to track page rank. All of the sites allowing you to “check page rank” actually aren’t showing correct information because Google stopped making that info available a while ago.

Here is an article talking more about this.

Google still uses PageRank when ranking websites, but this information is no longer available to the public.

MOZ did create a tool to better measure your SEO. This is done by providing you with a Domain Authority and Page Authority score. Their toolbar actually follows a lot of the known factors Google uses to rank websites and gives your website a score based off of those factors.

There are actually hundreds of factors that Google now uses to rank a website with Keywords and PageRank being two of them. But even things like having quality backlinks and linking to reputable sites within your article can go a long way in improving your SEO.

Using a tool like MOZ Toolbar can be much more helpful nowadays than a PageRank checker as it gives you a much better representation of how well optimized your site is for the search engines.

As with anything in SEO, you should never focus too much on one particular thing or you miss out on all the other important factors as well.

So, having access to a large number of different tools is your best bet for winning at the SEO game!