Health Insurance

Look to retire in the next few years. Starting my research for Health Insurance - Looking for Recommendations.



i have united health that i pay for out of my Social Security i love it, i am able to stay and see all my doctors, didn’t have to change any good luck in finding what makes you happy


Hey there @wilsonfamily!

My first question is: Are you an early retiree or are you 65+ and able to enroll in Medicare?

If you’re enrolling in Medicare and want to explore your options, I highly recommend looking up the phone number for your State Health Insurance Assistance Program. It’s a federally-funded program staffed with nonprofit volunteers who can help you find the right Medicare coverage and answer any of your questions. And since it’s a nonprofit, the advice really is unbiased (no insurance agents trying to sell you something).

If you want to go a more DIY route, you can also explore Medicare Part D (drug coverage) and Medicare Advantage plans using the Medicare Plan Finder Tool. I wrote an article about it recently (set to go live on The Penny Hoarder soon) that explains how to pick a Part D plan and save money on prescriptions - so keep your eyes open for that!

If you’re retiring before the age of 65, your best bet is to look for coverage through the Hearth Care Marketplace.

Hope this helps!

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