Helping Covid-19 Victims

I work at a federal credit union and i have seen COVID-19 wipe-out people’s savings. They can’t make they loan payments, which plunges their credit score. CATCH 22…You know when this first started in March 2020 or so… I told my boss that I wasn’t so worried about the virus, I was worried more about the fallout at the end…I believed that the gov’t wasn’t handling it correctly and I still don’t…The virus didn’t throw us under the bus is the economics dept… the gov’t did that…I had people I know die from the virus and yes it is deadly, but so is economic destruction…Already had one person commit suicide do to the stress of COVID-19 not finding any help for his family. I agree that was the sad and thoughtless way out but it has happened more than once in 2020…

I know of several individuals personally that have been affected by this crisis…For my part, I take food and supplies to the FOOD BANKS in my county…And, I try to inform those affected about different groups that help… I have also started a GO FUND CAMPAIGN for one elderly person who is about to lose his house due to his lost of income because the Gov’t shut down all the places where he sold his product that he makes… If you are interested in reading his story and helping out…please go to:

May 2021 be joyous and safe for you all…


@Beth Hawthorne You are a very kind caring person and bless you for looking out for this man. Praying he gets more funds so he can stay in his house. Would want someone to do the same for me if I needed it.

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Thank you Charlottel… I am trying hard but it is slow… I need people to help me get the word out about his plight…I work in the banking business and I have seen a lot of this going on in the elderly low income sector…I know this gentleman by his great furniture… I have a table of his in my garden…I wish I could do more for him… PLEASE spread the word to help him… I truly hope you and yours have a joyous 2021 and may things improve for the world…B

thank you for your kindness, i live in a senior complex and my way of giving back is to cook and share also if they need a ride to drs, or need food from the store i go for them, this is a very hard time for us all, and to be able to help each other is a act of kindness god bless us all

Yes… I agree there are many ways of giving back…I DO A LOT OF DIFFERENT THINGS…Supplies to the food banks, take things to the dump for the neighbors that don’t have a truck…many ways of helping out…Unfortunately, for Daniel, the only way for help is to get some $5.00 donations to get his mortgage paid…He only needs 600 people to donate…But, everybody got affected somehow with this crisis…Guess, I will try and help him figure out how to sell his home…He is going to be so hurt…Thank you for our thoughts and thank you for giving back also…Beth