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Has anyone tried the home meal delivery companies? I was gifted a free week and am trying to make a decision about continuing. I live alone and do maintain a grocery budget…and do enjoy cooking. From what I see I can stop and restart the subscription so I’m not overloaded. The freebie did include a lot of product-it was three meals for two which meant six meals for me. It included the protein, veggies, and numerous things to complete the menu-things like small sour cream, chives, garlic, spices, potatoes, peppers. It comes out to about $10 (w/shipping) per meal. In most instances I know I don’t spend $10 per meal but if I purchased all of the condiments included it would be more that that - and I’m sure I would be throwing some away-and with this will have a bit leftover. I may continue it for a month or so just to see and will lower the delivery to two meals…thoughts?

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I actually save money using a meal subscription because I’m not buying full size portions of all the ingredients (as you noted). That, plus the convenience factor and the ability to try new recipes all the time makes it a win for me. Also, once I get the delivery I’m much less tempted to go out to eat during the week or order through Uber Eats which really can add up. And, yes, you can skip, start and stop at any time.


Was this the meal kits, or the delivery of prepared meals? I find that both can be handy. As Theodora mentioned, it’s nice to have the option to try new recipes you may not have otherwise. Having the ingredients shipped to you for a new recipe, and not having a ton extra after if you don’t like it is great for reducing food waste and saving money as well.

I also like the pre-prepared meal deliveries on occasion to have something with less preservatives and junk that I can throw in the freezer.

Ultimately the decision lies with you, how they fit your budget, schedule, and tastes!

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I got a discount on Hello Fresh and tried it for the three weeks required. The recipes are good and the meals were relatively easy to make but the PACKAGING! Oh my goodness, the amount of packaging required to keep the food fresh was insane - an entire kitchen garbage bag full. That’s why I discontinued it. Even if getting to the grocery store is hard for you, with InstaCart deliveries or grocery store pick ups, there really just isn’t any reason to have these meals delivered to you. They really should just sell the recipes and the condiments and then partner with InstaCart to deliver the fresh food at time when you will be home to get them so no need for all that packaging.

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Hi! I also subscribed to meal delivery/pick up services. My sister-in-law sent me a code for three free meals, and I ended up sticking with it. I travel a lot, so when I am at home, it’s convenient having the ingredients portioned and the recipes on hand. I waste less food, and the packaging is also minimal or recyclable. I like how I can adjust the recipes by using ghee instead of butter, and Himalayan sea salt instead of table salt. But then again, since I travel a lot, I’ve been skipping.

I tried Sunbasket. I did like the meals and that they have the options from 'you cook the entire meal from their ingredients" to “just pop this baby in the microwave and serve”. As the person above said, as a single person, it is a lot of meals (minimum 3 meals a week x 2 servings which means 6 meals) that have to be cooked within 5 days. I found the portions to be larger than I eat - so that meant either 9 meals or I threw things away - and I don’t like to waste food. The price of Sunbasket was closer to $20.00 a portion which was too much on my limited budget and I discontinued for the final reasons. But in my trial, I did learn to like and had the chance to try things I had never eaten before - some of which I have recreated within my budget. Again - the packaging is, well, huge. SunBasket tries to make everything packaging recyclable - by my recycle place would not take the ice packs, just the cardboard. The boxes I’m reusing as I de-clutter my home. I would say one of these companies may work for you or it might not, you have to be the judge.


I tried Plated off of a promo, then continued for 2 months because I loved the taste of the food and I enjoyed following the recipes & loved making it homemade. (I discontinued because it got too expensive and 3 days of 2 servings was too much too close together and some went bad when I got busy.)

Otherwise, I am ordering from DoorDash or Grubhub. I spend an average of $12-$15 per day on food. I rarely eat more than one meal throughout the day. I am watching for promo specials to try some of the other meals that are out there. I am referring to meals that you prepare for yourself not just throw in the microwave.

Plated had very little packaging and most of it was recyclable. I only cook for myself and do use Instacart on a regular basis but I just find it a waste to cook an entire meal that I won’t finish and have to toss.

Please post any promo codes for meal service companies if you come across any. Or PM me if it is a problem to post publicly. Thanks friends.

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I will do that. I never knew there are so many. My local Kroger is actually putting meals together now too. After the first of the year I’m going to look at more…and then will probably end up simply searching new recipes online and do it myself!

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I like to order Whole Foods groceries to be delivered via Amazon Prime Now, but sometimes I will receive the wrong item. Luckily, Amazon refunds any errors. Then, I will have to go back to the grocery store.

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I’ve tried Freshly with a promo - 5 already prepared meals for ,$39 and they were delicious. However after the promo the price went up to $59 which I thought was a bit pricey for me but with a promo code it’s worth a try especially for those who are disabled, seniors who have no help or people who are super busy.

I’ve loved Sunbasket & Greenchef because they have organic offerings – Sunbasket being the most flexible with different options!

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No dear I havent tried it before.