Grocery delivery

Kroger Grocery just started delivery for $79/year with a $35 order, it is free delivery. And to try them, the first 3 orders you get back $15 toward your order and the delivery is $10 without the yearly fee. Their food is very good and prices are good also. I am in Lakeland Florida area and they just started this 4 months ago.


We’ve used Instacart and other delivery services from local grocery stores from here in Minnesota (Hy-Vee, Cub). There are always some promo deals to be had and most, like Kroger, offer free delivery over a certain amount.

Very useful, especially during the lockdown period of 2020. We still have groceries delivered on occasion. The one drawback we find is the quality of the produce is inconsistent. Sometimes it’s pristine other times there’s much to be desired.


its a great service for our senior here in our complex


I currently just use Amazon Fresh. I think their free delivery threshold depends on the area. When I was in California, it was $50. Currently, in NYC it’s a $35 threshold.

Amazon Fresh comes free with Amazon Prime I believe – and I have Amazon Prime because I order a lot of things on the internet (it’s cold outside) + I like watching Amazon shows sometimes.

Instacart is also a good one because you get to choose from a lot of different local grocery vendors.

One thing that isn’t so great (and I’d avoid) is Whole Foods delivery on Amazon – it’s $10 delivery no matter what so you can’t really save any by buying in bulk.

Costco also delivers food IIRC – but not too sure on the cost of this one.


I stick to Amazon Fresh, it’s super easy for me and convenient.


I live in a small (25K) city in a pretty rural area, and as far as I know, the only delivery we have here is Instacart. Grocery shopping is my most hated chore and I really enjoyed grocery delivery during some of 2020. There is a local grocery store that will shop for you, bag it up, and have it waiting and that only costs 5$. I haven’t tried that yet because I shop at Aldi’s- 2 teen boys eat a lot!


Here’s a Penny Hoarder article breaking down the various grocery delivery services:…y-delivery-services/

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