Using Walmart + is a good investment

Walmart+ costs $98 a year but I get as many deliveries as I need for free. I have never had any problem with the items picked altho some produce was not good. I blame the produce dept for not removing them, not the picker. I shop every two weeks and have a grocery plan called Now You’re Cooking which let’s you do menus to put on the fridge. I used to buy the family groceries in the store every two weeks but I am getting older! The feature I really liked about the grocery program is that once the information is entered (cheese is in dairy, etc) I could sort the grocery list by aisle which eliminated the need to go back and get something I forgot. As always it helps to stick to the list! And recently Walmart + added Paramount + for free.


thanks for sharing i seen the ad but never signed up for it, will look into it thank you have a good day

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The Lady is welcome!

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I’ve been eyeing Paramount+ for all the great kids shows. Didn’t know it was included with Walmart+. Sounds like it might be worth finally dropping Amazon Prime once and for all.

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Cool. I think they just started it in November.

@ken.j Signed up for the 30 day trial of Walmart+. We’ve had three loads of groceries delivered in the last two weeks and my son loves a lot of the kids shows on Paramount+. So far, so good!