Using Walmart + is a good investment

Walmart+ costs $98 a year but I get as many deliveries as I need for free. I have never had any problem with the items picked altho some produce was not good. I blame the produce dept for not removing them, not the picker. I shop every two weeks and have a grocery plan called Now You’re Cooking which let’s you do menus to put on the fridge. I used to buy the family groceries in the store every two weeks but I am getting older! The feature I really liked about the grocery program is that once the information is entered (cheese is in dairy, etc) I could sort the grocery list by aisle which eliminated the need to go back and get something I forgot. As always it helps to stick to the list! And recently Walmart + added Paramount + for free.


thanks for sharing i seen the ad but never signed up for it, will look into it thank you have a good day

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The Lady is welcome!

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I’ve been eyeing Paramount+ for all the great kids shows. Didn’t know it was included with Walmart+. Sounds like it might be worth finally dropping Amazon Prime once and for all.

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Cool. I think they just started it in November.

@ken.j Signed up for the 30 day trial of Walmart+. We’ve had three loads of groceries delivered in the last two weeks and my son loves a lot of the kids shows on Paramount+. So far, so good!


I used to shop in the local Walmart for years. But as I get older it is worth having the groceries picked and delivered!

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The closest Walmart is at least a 15-minute drive. That’s 30 minutes roundtrip driving, plus the time spent shopping. And shopping with a toddler in tow isn’t always the most fun experience… So the ~$10 driver tip seems worth it for all the time saved. Plus having groceries delivered also curbs impulse purchases. :+1:

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Oh I know. It would take me 1.5 to 2 hours every two weeks to shop. Something does not seem quite right when you have to take it off the shelf, put it in the cart, take it OUT of the cart at checkout, and then have it bagged up. I have a favorite list that I go through first to put in the cart. Then I go back to my computerized shopping list on Walmart+ and pick the ones left. I use a program called Now You’re Cooking. I had to put the items in with an aisle name or number. Then I just sorted by the aisle and did not have to double back for something I missed. That was when I shopped by myself (each family member added $50 if they went with me!). I still use the app to create a two week menu and it generates a list of items based on the menu items I picked (like tacos would add taco shells, taco sauce, shredded lettuce, etc to my shopping list. It would also add up the number of items that were the same (like 2 meals of hamburger would add two pounds of hamburger to the list. And I just posted the menu printout on the fridge to let us know what to fix! The program requires a lot of initial entry like for recipes but many can be imported so you don’t have to type the ingredients in.

i enjoy shopping in person my Walmart is ten minutes away

I used to :slight_smile: but I am of retirement age and it takes 1.5 -2 hours for me to shop.

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Am logicjnr, how can i get link on that