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Tonight I met a woman who was shopping for Instacart. It’s like Uber for shoppers.

I was curious if anyone tried using it or had worked with Instacart?



I personally have done some Instacart shopping along with other delivery services.

Here is a forum post I wrote on the topic:


While it is not the most profitable delivery service in my area, you can make decent money delivering with them.

I personally enjoy it because it gives me the chance to do something different than my desk job and when you do the actual shopping along with the delivery, it can give you some good exercise as well!

When you have a big order, the delivery fee and tip can be significant and you can earn upwards of $25 an hour just for shopping and delivering groceries!


MOORE INCOME that is good money.

Hey Don I’ve used Instacart here recently. My local grocery store offers a shop and pick up at the store feature. But; if you can’t get a good time they offer Instacart. I don’t have anything negative about my experience with them. They were very efficient and timely. I even had good conversation with the person who delivered my items.

The service is good because you can avoid going to the store and dealing with issues like if they don’t have enough lanes open. They give you the option of a 1 hour or 2 hour time frame in my area which is nice if you’re on a tight schedule to get your items. They also go to several stores in my area as well so I can pick and choose where I want them to shop.

Not sure what else I can share with you about the service but like I said I had a good experience with them when I used them. Hope that helps.


@krisnick09 Glad to see you had a good experience as a customer of the service. Instacart is really focused on providing the best service for their customers and their delivery drivers alike. Without one or the other they have no company!

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