How do I sell my Yorkie photos?

Hi Everybody!

I have a precious Miniature Yorkie, Teddy, who takes cute pictures, and I know his pictures can be used for calendars, post cards, magazines and more.

I want to start an online photo business by selling this pictures for only $10 each one, and as I grow, I will be able to by a better device to take the pictures.

I also have pictures of nature and cities.

I need help passing the word around, and giving me some pointers on how to sell them directly.

Thank you very much.


Try shutterstock.

@beckatsila posted:

Try shutterstock.

Thank you very much. I will check it out.

Happy Labor Day!


Fun! There’s a list on The Penny Hoarder of websites that will pay you $100 per image, or more:…-your-photos-online/

There’s also Foap, which I know some Penny Hoarders have used successfully.…-your-iphone-photos/

And, hoping you’ll share a picture of Teddy! You have us all curious now. ?