How much prep do you do for a storm?

Good morning! We have been hit with a few good sized winter storms the last few weeks here in NH. My husband works in a grocery store, and he says that it is CRAZY busy the day before one hits- to the point that the shelves are cleared out.

With the exception of in my 20’s, I have lived in New England my whole life, been through several blizzards and Nor’easters, power outages and ice storms, and almost never have I had to make a frantic run to the grocery store. Food wise, I can certainly go several days without power- it may not be the best food, but it’s food! Rarely have I been more than 3 days without power or access to transportation, although once it was 10 and THAT was fun. :roll_eyes: I always keep a few gallons of water stored, but snow will work in a pinch. Of course, I keep TP on hand.

So my question is, for any of you in crazy weather zones, do you make last minute bulk runs to the stores before a storm, or do you keep a stash on hand?


That was some storm this week… Got over a foot here . I always make a small run to the store. Get extra milk, and maybe some water. Having a well and the possibility of losing power you need the extra water on hand. Living in New England and other places with extreme weather I always have a well stocked pantry. You just never know. I like being prepared for whatever may come up.


I live in Minnesota, so extreme weather seems to happen year round. If the forecast is, for example, a big blizzard, then the grocery stores are for sure a lot busier the night before. But we’ve never lost power despite the extremes in temps and snowfall. Maybe the infrastructure in the Twin Cities is built to handle the worst weather possible? (The streets, however, are currently full of potholes and it’s terrible to drive around here.)

However, I do remember losing power for several days during an October blizzard when I was a teen living in Omaha, Nebraska. The city was totally unprepared – while the power was out we had to close doors between rooms and pile on blankets to stay warm.

To answer your question – we always have a few days/weeks worth of food and other essentials on hand in general – and especially if a big storm takes us off the grid for a few days.

Also I want to move to New England so bad! Bring on the Nor’easters!

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It’s a great place! I have lived in MA, CA, TX and I LOVE NH. We will likely move to ME within the next 7-10 years.

I live in upstate New York and some parts got real bad weather and lost electricity I always make sure I have water milk chicken breast in the can and soup :ramen: some times even then it’s never enough .last storm we were with out power for two days I live in a complex and my daughter brought KFC for us and my son brought Dunkin Donuts and coffee for us.the senior we’re so appreciative

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Anytime someone brings coffee :coffee: that makes a better day :slight_smile: I should keep some canned meat too- good idea!

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As a former grocery store employee myself, I never understood why people don’t have supplies enough to last them for a blizzard like weather that’s not going to last them for the storm until roads are cleared up for safe travel. I know my company loved the rush of sales and they would send quantities of products to put out for sales that would not normally sell well except for the panic buying of those customers who have to have something to snack on and eat. I always noticed that these customers were buying lots of snack food and prepared items over regular food that needs to be prepared ( cooked). I get the impression that there’s a lot of people who don’t really make and eat meals at home and rely on eating prepared meals plus have a very small amount of food in their pantry section for making meals. Plus with many people today have “special” food needs but don’t want to prepare food just eat it.
But all I ask of these people who are panicking shopping for the in-house 25-48 stay while the storm passes is to be considerate of the employees and don’t throw a fit because your desired items are not available and don’t come out shopping and driving around on the roads when there’s an emergency vehicles warning because you are bored and need entertainment.

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