Lack of inventory everywhere!

Has anyone else noticed the LACK OF INVENTORY everywhere.

From autos to appliances to food in the grocery stores. I have never in my life seen it like this.

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Yes, seems to be the norm that whenever I go to a grocery store or big box retailer, they’re out of staples that used to always be there. Same goes for appliances – had to wait weeks for a new microwave to be shipped in. I’m assuming the supply chain is still messed up due to COVID.


Oh yeah. Noticed low/no inventory at Walmart, the local grocery store, the dollar stores, etc. I’ve even been running into this at work- I order a lot of plumbing & electrical parts & some have lead times around 22 weeks! That’s almost 6 months. It’s crazy.

I’m in my early 30s but I never thought I’d live through something like this.


I have been looking at appliances at Lowes and I did a search and it had like 100 results, I seleted the in stock at my store option, ZERO RESULTS. That is one thing people do not understand, even if your rich, you can not buy something if it is not on the shelf.

I have wanted to get a new car but with the chip shortage they are shipping without all the options they normally do so I am waiting until this is over.

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Pretty much same story now as two years ago. You never know if something will be in or out. With gas as high as it is, call ahead and confirm something is in stock if you really need it. I’ve found this to valuable when shopping at Lowe’s or Home Depot. The stores are huge and be wary of their inventory counts online. Since 2020, I have noticed counts at both hardware superstores are off. Call them and ask (nicely) if they can visually check the count before you come.

This was extremely necessary for me as I was drive 1 hour + to various stores in search of boxes of flooring (my store was too small to carry the flooring).

I was helping my nephew find a replacement dishwasher for him and all the local stores have in stock are high end dishwashers, probably because all the affordable ones are sold out, but an online search using their filter with the 2 lowest groups, $100 range for each, showed 85 in that range that they carry and ZERO in stock. Only the high end were available.

He is the only one working in a family of 4 and does not make very much, I couldn’t live on what he makes so I don’t know how they do it. He cant afford $700 + for a dishwasher…

See images for $200-$400 and $400-$600 range, 84 they carry, ZERO IN STOCK!


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We can do something about this, just stop the deliveries to DC and the problem will be solved. Too many people are just accepting this as the way things are right now, they don’t need to be this way at all.

very much so, have to grab what you can when its on the shelf