How to get thru without any funds

  • Suffered a severe brain injury at work in 1996 the employer never reported left me incapacitated for 10 yrs. Group health ins was cancelled before i was fired. Unemployment approved but then denied due to inability to work. Employer paid no medical no benefits YTD. Been living on my unmatched MEDICARE taxes returned. Left homeless in my car until it was stolen.
  • Found if you overpay your medicare or FICA tax like worked two jobs same time you can get that returned from employers.
  • Went to doctors care a medical facility for uninsured
  • Went broke paying for medication
  • Found an independent living center non prot that provided me a housing voucher now tbey have LIHTC apts CHFA pay 30percent of income no voucher needed no income pay no rent
  • Can apply for SSI as indigent and get immediate payment
  • Request taxes paid to unemployment returned by IRS
  • File low income 104PTC rebates and include sales tax return
  • GET A DISABILITY POLICY that makes payments if cant work
  • Get LIFE INSURANCE can borrow immediately from yourself
  • Refinace and combine all debts to one payment with ITT financing lowers payment and have 3 months before payment due
  • Continue to work towards holding the responsible party LIABLE


KP God Bless you !!!

Appreciate your advise and perseverance!