I have a question about those cash game apps from Google Play store?

Has anybody ever downloaded any of those games that you can play to win money or coins? I downloaded a few last year and I play everyday but I’m wondering if they are worth the time and effort to win cause I see my balances going up but I’m still a little skeptical about them?


You have to decide if what you get for what you do is actually worth your time. How much is your time worth?

I’ve installed so many apps & the only apps that I’ve actually received any money or gift cards from are

Mistplay, which pays you to play games & it doesn’t take forever. I’ve earned enough points to get 2 $25 visa gift cards, got the first on Sept 15th after having a couple months & just got my second this week. Mistplay doesn’t take your points if you stop playing for awhile, they have plenty of gift cards to choose from

Panel app which is great! You barely do anything & receive gift cards. I actually had forgotten all about the app & found a $5 Amazon gift card that I’d won from entering the sweepstakes & I found it months after they had sent it & it still worked. I won’t forget that app anymore.

Facebook study app, you don’t have to do anything after you set it up. They have been selling our information & this app is a way for us to get a percentage of what they make which they will sell your information regardless if you’re in the study or not so we may as well cash in. They pay through PayPal monthly, they claim to have paid up to $20 a month, I’ve gotten a $6 payment & believe had one almost $10 payment. The information collected is basically to show you advertisements specifically targeted at you based on your information.

Hope that helps ?


This fantastic information! Thank you so much.

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