In need of.

Hello I am need of a refurbished computer or laptop, if anyone may have one their not using or don’t need, I am unemployed and could really use one to work from home, it would really change my life for the better, I have been doing a lot of research and searching for help with the this, I know it’s a stretch, my apologies for any inconvenience if caused. Namaste.??

SOULFLOWAA1 there people that use there phones to
make money these days. All so if you can’t get a computer
or lap top you can use the libary computer.

You may have better luck searching around locally (on Facebook or asking friends and family).

Shipping on such an item can be quite expensive and might not be worth it depending on the condition.

Also, in my case I have two laptops but I use both on a regular basis.

Laptops are harder to come by but if you are able to come up with a little money, you may be able to find an older used computer at a thrift store or an estate sale or garage sale that might not cost too much.