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I need to make money until I can find a job that pays good I have four kids they are in school all over the computer right now and it’s hard and I got sick and my daughter did and got put on quarantine then I am suffering from a stomach problem and I’m going to go to the GI doctor soon please and thank you


This site has a lot of great articles about making money.

I’m sorry you have been sick. And I can just imagine four kids fighting over a computer! Have you ever done any telephone jobs?


Hi Kiely,

I am some what in the same predicament. I hope you feel better soon.
I found if you are looking for a job, post what type of employment you are seeking. It’s a good idea to also list what you can contribute to any given company. You are powerful!!!

Good luck!

Hi Kiely,

I am some what in the same predicament. I hope you and you’re daughter feel better real soon.
I found that it helps while I am looking for employment is to list what type of job I really want. Plus list what you can contribute to a company and strong points. I hope someone out there knows of a position that matches your needs. Most of us are currently facing these devastating conditions.
I wish you well!

It must be really hard for you right now. Thinking of your four kids! But, I want to commend you for staying strong. Hang in there.

If you’re a hobbyist of any sort or have some stuff you’re not using that much anymore, you can offer your things to people who might need it for a short while.

You can earn from rental fees because it’s free to list in this site My Garage Rental. This wouldn’t require any monetary investment so it’s a good option for your situation now :confused: