Inflation and Food Purchases

I currently receive $240 in SNAP and I made 5 visits to 99Cent store, Walmart, Luckys ( supermarket). I only have $24 left to use for the rest of the month. I am not an overspender and look for the lowest prices. Prior to Biden I spent about $120 a month. How are you all coping? What if you are not as lucky and poor enough to receive SNAP?

I went to a food pantry last week. While I didn’t receive a lot, especially after waiting for over an hour in the heat, I did realize how bad folks have it and it made me more grateful for what I do have.

Watch out for politicians that want to cut SNAP.

Best of luck to you


Paula said the magic words “Prior to Biden”, that tells you the answer to many of our current inflationary problems that are hitting many Americans smack in the face, from gas prices, interest rates, increased prices on products that are increasing taxes on what we pay on them, the housing market, our economy is in shambles.

Americans have SNAP (formerly called food stamps), EBT (everybody pays but them) cards and you should see what they buy at supermarkets…young able bodied people are receiving benefits because they don’t want to work and have just the right excuses. They are highly skilled at working the system and pass on this knowledge to friends and family. I was in line behind 2 ladies in their mid 20’s with a baby, they had 2 shopping carts heaped with top end items: steak, shrimp, lobster, rack of lamb, many brand name items, their bill was just shy of $300, all free. Then there is the segment of the population who wants to work and are met with obstacles to get to work and make ends meet. WHY?

Try food banks, they are all over the place through your counties and churches, usually operating during the week, supermarkets give generously on short date items. They would rather donate and take a tax break than discard. Churches are a resource to many with food pantries, the parishioners donate to the less fortunate, especially canned goods. Check the Internet for food banks and churches locally, there are listings. The counties also offer some of this information. Good luck to you. If you are fortunate enough to know how to can fruits and vege’s, that is another resource. Find 2nds at a reduced cost on out-of-the-way racks in the produce section of grocery stores, you can can them or freeze them. You’d be surprised at what you can do. I just made a small batch of plum jam from 2nds. The cost was about $2:…e-plum-jam-no-pectin

The plums were about 2 lbs and the water was about 1/2 cup, the recipe was written in Kg and ml’s. Plus I brightened it by using some of the lemon zest.

This jam is a bit tart, so when you use it you can add sweetener to taste, I used a large Envy apple.

Best to you and many struggling Americans.

Check to see if there is a discount grocery store in your area:

Look for smaller locally owned grocery stores. I find great prices at Bravo and Thrifty Markets, but I don’t think they are big chains. They appear to be very small, but offer some great prices, especially on fresh produce and meat. I also comparison shop online before I go to the store. I try not to have to go to multiple stores, but sometimes, it is worth it. We have a small Aldi that has some great prices. They sell many of their own brand knockoffs that are very good.

We also take advantage of price discounts at fast food restaurants about once a month. If they have a buy 5 for $5 we will go get 5 hamburgers, roast beef sandwiches, or whatever it is. We do not buy the sides that are too expensive, we pair them with baked potatoes, french fries, rice, etc.

We look at all the sale ads to know who is doing BOGO deals. I always price out the per unit cost to be sure it is worth it and it frequently is. They do it to get you in the store to buy other things, but you can stick to just what you are going there for.

I also occasionally find out about food being available on the Nextdoor app. When the pandemic hit many places here were able to get food and donate to anyone who wanted it instead of throwing it away. Sometimes people have fruit trees and have more than they can use and offer it for free online, just go pick it up.

Call 211. If that service is available where you live many times food is available but not advertised, but if you call in saying you are in need they will tell you where you can go to get free food donated to you. If you are elderly or disabled, there is a good chance something is available.

Look for food banks and food pantries near you. They may not be well known or advertised, but there are more than you think in most areas. If you have access to 211, they may also be able to provide a list.

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