IRS Stimulus Checks

It has been so confusing the last few weeks about who should or does not need to file. I am on ssi for neuropathy and I heard a couple of days ago Ssi, ssdi, and social security do not need to file. I filed one on April 4th and I just recieved a message from the "Where’s My Payment " that it is scheduled for mailing on April 24th. So, if you want to file just to be sure it cannot hurt. This way the IRS has your updated address and identity. Keep in mind if you have direct deposit make sure you add to form. You cannot change it later. Good luck everyone and stay healthy. ?

@lori.wulff Thanks for providing such great info to everyone! The IRS has confused us all with this one, but you’re 100% correct: No need for people on SSI, SSDI and Social Security to file if they aren’t required to file a tax return. Hope that money reaches you soon!

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