IRS stimulus payment

I filed all my returns, both 2018 and 2019, I got a error message saying they cant verify my eligibly at this time? Anyone else get this response? I fall in the guidelines… thanks


I checked yesterday and got the same response, as did a friend, who clearly qualifies. I think the system must be overloaded, and perhaps this is the response for those accounts they haven’t gotten to yet. But, that’s just my guess. Everything is pretty chaotic, imo.


I got the same message. I too fall into the guidelines.

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It’s a glitch I believe because the system is overwhelmed. I had to try applying like 10 times until it went through.


I got the same message as well.

My daughter has never had an issue and now the IRS and local (Ohio) are saying her social security number and her last name don’t match…she has tried everything but can’t get through even on emergency numbers. Any ideas?

I am supposed to qualify; checked this morning; no deposit and got the same message again when I tried the site

I haven’t gotten a check as of yet, I checked my bank accounts and my stock brokerage accounts too, nothing. I went to work today 4/16/20, I asked a few friends if they got a check yet, I was told nope. then I asked a couple of youngsters I work with and they said yes that they had gotten a check yesterday. crazy how the kiddies, 19 and 25 year old’s got checks and us old goats did not get a dime.

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I don’t know anyone who has not received a check. However, I did not receive one. From what I understand, we will have to pay taxes on it.

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You will NOT have to pay taxes on the stimulus check. SSI recipients do NOT have to claim it as income. People that filed 2018/2019 taxes had in the majority received their check unless there is a problem with your banking info and you need to go to the IRS website and update your DD info and wait 10 days before receiving an update on when your credit will be sent to you.

SSI/SSDI recipients will start receiving their DD’s for $1200 starting next week. I have read the 19th, 20th and 25th. These are people that receive benefits and did NOT file a tax return.*

There are some good threads with info on who has received it, thru what bank, in what state, etc available on Reddit and I have heard also on Facebook.

I have NOT received mine, neither has my daughter (who had to update DD info on website, filed in 2018/2019) or my mother (receives SSI retirement, also updated info on website). Just for some updates.

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As of yesterday I did finally get my stimulus check.

MsKimberly did you get your check yet ?

as for taxes, not going to be taxed.

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Pretty sure this isn’t considered Income so no taxes. I (you) can’t even request to have taxes withheld. This money is coming from a act called the CARES act. Look it up on line. I too have not received my stimulus check. I think patience is the name of the game.

According to Forbes, the stimulus checks are tax-free.

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Sadly, myself and other SSA recipients are getting the same messages of unable to verify who you are, even though we put in all our info. There is now a short message at the top of the irs page saying those recipients form SSA, VA, and others who already have direct deposit checks form those agencies, will come later after they verify those agencies direct deposits. As to when that is, who knows! And yet many of the younger folks got their deposits on Wednesday morning. I already checked today and nothing new- still saying unable to verify. It is very hard right now for those older generations on fixed incomes basically, who file or do not need to, but get their checks on direct deposit from state taxes or from VA or SSA. On a fixed income before the panademic yu could get your staples online, and shop the various stores with coupons, etc, searching for best deals in order to make your fixed income try to give you a roof over your head and at least a meal or two a day. Now that is no longer possible. From the beginning of March the wonderful companies I order from online are now overwhelmed with people finding out about them, so an incredible influx of new customers. Not once during the past 5 weeks have I been able to get my usual order of staples, to last a week or two. That includes paper products, cleaning products, and medicines and supplements. Each week I receive an apology, but “due to incredible increased demand” my order cannot be completed. I am very happy for their businesses of course, but sadly , have come to find out , much of the problem is coming from people hoarding products to make sure they do not run out for the next few months. If one has expendable income resources, I can understand. But at this time of many in our country who live form pay check to paycheck, and day to day to put meals on their plates, it is sad. While some hold months worth of TP in their homes, along with rubbing alcohol, peroxide, non surgical face masks, and nitrile disposable gloves in their stock pile, some have none of the above. On a happy note, it is AWESOME to see the outpouring of thanks and meals being provided to the health care workers and EMTs, Fire, Police etc. Also encouraging are the news reports of some healthy neighbors helping shut ins etc… We all need encouraging news right now! Stay well and safe!