Is there a way to invest but still have immediate access to the money?

Is there a way to safely invest emergency money but still have immediate access to it if needed? I’m currently unemployed and looking for work and I have a small amount in a savings account but I know it’s not making any money there but if I need to pay a bill or rent, I can at a moment’s notice. Is there a way to put the money in a investment solution where it can make money while sitting but can be used whenever I need to without jumping through hoops or dealing with penalties and fees?

By invest… you mean?.. stocks? options? typical investment avenues. I have NOT found an app yet. that you can immediately move and use. CASHAPP has stocks and bitcoin on the app. This is basically the access we want, right? this would be a great feature. we need to copyright this idea. and make our app

have you looked into cryptocurrency and forex?