I've a question about Federal and State Taxes

I’m trying to find this out for our son.
He been working at a store 2 days a week
for over a year.

The old owners took federal and state taxes out.

Than a new owner took over and she was taking
federal and state taxes out. But the last 4 months
she has taken Federal or state taxes out.

My questions is should she be taken these taxes out.
She told my son no because he low income and he
has no depended. My other questions is wont my son
have to pay these taxes himself?

Thank you

For the hours he is working and the amount he is making, it may be true that he will not make enough to pay income tax.

This would be a question better answered by @lisa.eichinger


@Bonnie Squires

Yes she should be taking taxes out. However it will depend if you are in a state that has income tax. Some states do not. The federal taxes should be taken out assuming he filled out a W4 when he started and is claiming 0. If he legally has to file taxes he may have to pay these taxes. If he is claimed as a dependent he needs to make more than $12000 a year to be forced to file taxes.


MOORE INCOME thank you

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LISA EICHINGER KS has both Federal and state taxes.
He filed a W4 form when he started working. He filed
for 2018 taxes and got both back it wasn’t much but
he didn’t owe any thing but the store owner was taken
out taxes than.

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