W4/withholding Changes

For years, as a single parent, I filed HH on my taxes. I was recently married and filled out a new W4, and wow- they have changed. VERY confusing. I completed it the best I could, following the instructions, and my paycheck shows a 70% reduction in federal taxes taken out. This must be wrong! Other than completing another W4 and just having them withhold extra, anyone know about these new W4’s and how to know you are having the right amount taken out?? I checked with my HR, and they are confused as well. I was told that the payroll company suggests that we reach out to the person who does our taxes for assistance- well, that’s me.

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Well, HR sent me this and it was helpful. I ran all kinds of scenarios- married filing jointly, married filing separately, with my previous tax withholding, with my new withholding…



I know what you mean, @kellyfromkeene. I had to complete a W-4 for an at-home contract recently and I was thoroughly confused. Yet, I was too lazy to read the instructionsmoon so I just added an amount for them to deduct extra from pay, just in case.

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