Judicial system squeezing the life out of people

So I have found myself in between a rock and a hard place. I have debt piling up faster than I can pay it and it’s all from the judicial system In One way or another. I have fines to pay to the magistrate court and also the municipal court. Ong with probation cost and child support. The problem is that this all stems from child support to a woman who refuses to let me see my child who I love more than my life itself, and who in truth was the one who left me high and dry while I was trying to better myself in recovery. Long story short I was me er even served to go to court for the child support so she got a default judgement on me, as a result the state revoked my driver’s license while h is what my fines are for to both courts driving on a suspensed,and probation for fishing without a license and attempting to purchase a license while my license was suspended by the state, (which for the record I did not do. I was simply fishing without a license.)but now I find it **** near impossible to find a decent paying job with no d.l. and every time I start getting a decent customer base built up for my own business doing three trimming and landscaping I wind up going to jail for either driving on a suspended or failure to pay fines and failure to comply x multiple charges of each on the same charges because every time this happens they add to the list of fines I’m paying on. So the next time it’s even worse because each has court cost and fines attached to it. IRS worse than. Compounded Interest on steroids. Ita ruining my life and I can’t see a way out of the cycle. Please point me in the right direction.

I have not been in a situation where I owe the courts money, but I do have a close friend who went through something that sounds very similar to yours- losing his DL and all, making it tough to work, etc. It took a few years of a payment plan, and walking/hitchhiking to ANY job he could find, to get into compliance and get his license back, but he did it. I wish I had a magic answer- maybe someone else here has more concrete tips…


I don’t know what city you are in but in Spokane WA we have a program that will take all of your driving offenses and compile them into one bill. Then you go to a hearing to figure out a payment plan that works with your financial circumstances and once you have made a certain number of payments you can reinstate your driving priveleges. In some cases the payments are as low as $25 per month. I believe it is called the restorative justice program here. You should do some research in your area to see if there is a similar program.


T DRIVEe are you located? The system here in Cali is the worst. Seriously. You men get truly screwed. Im sorry you are in the situation you are in. Here, we have a legal aide office in the courthouse, specifically to help with stuff like this. They can help my bf with his court stuff AND his child support issues. He is in the same **** boat as you. Crazy. Anyways… Stop driving. Youll just get caught again. they’ve got your number, so why make it easy? Stop. Find a friend, family member, anyone… For Christs sake, gra. The bus, a bikr, or rent someone off fivvr or somewhere. BUT DO NOT DRIVE. Next, ask that you child support be modified, since your income has changed. Here, you can do it every 6 months. But you have to do it PROPERLY. So, again, seek legal help. Or, see the child support abudsman and see if you can get help there. Next, call the court clerk and see about payment arrangements on your fines. Can they all be consolidated? As low as possible because you have no income. Also, ask about doing jailtime or work release to pay some of that. They make a really good wage per day here now. Ok, lastly, take a deep breath, and relax. You can only do what you can. Just stop making it worse for yourself and it will get better. Swear. So be kind. In all things. To yourself as well. Best of luck to you~


Thank you everyone