Looking for medical insurance?

Our daughter hasn’t had any medical insurance since
she was 19. I’ve tried to get her back on state medical
and haven’t beadle to even threw her dad because she
had an iep in school.

Any help of a cheap medical would be grate.

Thank you

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Finding good medical insurance at a price that doesn’t break the bank is no easy task!

Even I am fairly healthy and I have not been able to find something that works for me without costing an arm and a leg.

While I can’t give you any solid advice, I can say that Google is your friend on this one.

A quick Google search brought me across sites like healthinsurance.org which provide helpful information and guides to finding the perfect insurance.

Ultimately, it is going to take a lot of research to find something that works in your particular situation, but resources such as the site above can be of some aid!


@moore.income thank you so much for your answer