Making Ends Meet

So, I’ve always lived paycheck to paycheck and was often broke right before payday. Now, I found a few ways to make a quick couple of dollars, or to purchase the things I need with the spare change I have left. I’m not getting richer, but I don’t feel like I’m missing out either.

There are literally thousands of sites to use, but these few are the ones if you need a few extra bucks quickly; usually just 2-3 days:

  1. Amazon’s Mturk-I use the filter to see the highest paying tasks first, and I do any that I’m qualified for. There’s usually a bunch that pay $2-$10. Every week, Mturk transfers any earnings to my debit card automatically.

  2. The few rare survey sites where the cash-out limits are low enough that I know I can earn enough for at least a $5 gift card within a couple days if I spend some time doing as many surveys as possible. Lifepoints, intellizoom, and crowdtap.

  3. If I need something I can’t afford, I go to my Amazon Rebate sites, where I can purchase Amazon products at UP TO 100% OFF, yes, you heard that right! My favorites areCashBackBase, Vipon, and RebateKey


I have heard of Mturk, Never really checked into it to see what it was all about. Thank you.


never heard of this survey web site, going to check into it, thank you for sharing


I’ve never heard of Mturk either. I’ll look into this. Thanks!

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Mturk is also known as Mechanical Turk. I’m not fast enough…the jobs go too quickly.

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