Making out a Will

Does anybody have advice on making out a will?

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That is a good question. My current ideas is to go to staples, get a form and then get it notarized. But then I don’t have a lot of assets or crazy relatives.

I would also get a healthcare power of attorney AND a power of attorney form done.

if I get money I will go to a lawyer. Also there are some senior places that will help you with a will for free. I know Philadelphia does.


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I would say the same. That is what I did.

Ive been putting this off for years…I came close to doing one on Legal Zoom but want to make sure their are no loopholes.

Did not know Legal Zoom offers this service. Thought people just made and apt with a lawyer and paid lots of money to make a will and have it recorded. The secretary would be the notary for convenience. This service would include all the follow through, guess I was making this more complicated in my head.

What happens when someone contests a will done on a form a company rather than a lawyer?

One of the things that I have invested in which has been well worth it is LegalShield. It is a monthly fee of $24.95 but they actually prepare those documents for you and you can update them once a year for free with your membership. You also have access to contact an attorney 24/7. The membership also does much more and you also get member perks. They prepared my Will and answered any questions I had regarding my son, who is special needs.