online wills

I would like to compose an online simple will; since, the bank isn’t notarizing a paper one that I filled out. I could re-vamp later after all the mayhem dissapates.

What company do you suggest I use?


Julie Holderbaum



I know that we are both on this site to save money, but I would recommend you hire a local attorney to handle your will. I am a bankruptcy attorney and do not handle wills and estates. I have worked in that field before, and have seen real nightmares with Online Wills. Every state has different rules about authenticating wills and you need to make sure you comply with those laws. You also need to make sure you get a Power of Attorney. 9 times out of 10 the Power of Attorney is more important than the Will. Also, an attorney that drafts your Will - will line up the necessary Witnesses and Notary to properly authenticate the Will. Good Luck!