Mothers Day

What is everyone doing for Mothers Day? My son and I are going on a virtual walk together. It will get us to exercise and even though we are far apart (he lives 7 hours away from me), we will connect and it won’t cost anything.


That is just wonderful!

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I was a bad son…all I did was sent a text to my mother this year to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day. I was, however, incapacitated. So, I guess I do have an honest excuse. Besides, my mother lives two states and 14 hours away.

Obviously, I don’t know your exact situation but if you have a good relationship with your mom, I’m sure she understands. Sometimes I don’t talk to my son for several days but since he and I have a good relationship, I don’t get upset about it.

@savingsmama To tell you the truth, I talk to my mother several times a week. She’s only 19 years older than me, but we practically grew up together. My grandparents raised me partially so my mom could work, so my Grandfather became my best friend and protector. I was a second grandchild, and that showed in how my grandmother received me. There was also the fact that she didn’t like my birth father. My mother divorced him shortly after I was born, and he allowed my mom’s second husband to adopt me. A lot of family history under the bridge there. Still, my Mom knows that I will call when I can or send a card when I can. I’m her oldest child with four others still living after me. We lost my sister last year to breast cancer. It will be a year next month. My mom is one who loves and wants her family to be in church, doing right, and living the Bible. Nothing wrong with that at all. I do my best, as do several others in my family. But, she knows I love her. She’s been through a lot and deserves a lot more respect than she gets sometimes. I appreciate her greatly and will miss her when she passes on.


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Sorry to hear about your sister. My one sister passed away 3 years ago this July and I miss her very much. My other sister lives in Florida so I don’t get to see her. Most parents just want their children to be happy and healthy. I was much older than your mother when I had my kids. I was 35 when I had my son and 40 when I had my daughter! It is good that you had Grandparents who loved you. I wish you the best. And I hope you get to see your mother soon.

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