Narcissistic bosses

I’m just wondering if any of you have had a narcississtic boss. How was that? Would love to hear more about it

Try Quora for questions and answers about different narcissistic personalities and traits along with success stories on how to handle the situation. Register and then type in your entire question to see if it has already been asked or something similar. You can earn points or small amounts of cash for new questions or good answers. I do not remember all the details of their program but that is where I learned about narcissism that was surrounding me in my life. I have learned how to handle things much better and am not as stressed anymore…

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Thanks Leslie for your insight on my topic. I love Quora. Actually that is where I first read about narcissism and I’ve learned so much since then. My ex boyfriend is a narcissist and before I landed on Quora I was so unhappy because of the inexcusable way I was treated. I allowed all the negativity until I understood what was happening and why. Now I know enough to know what to do and what not to do. I just continuously strive for mental strength and I am grateful for so many things like freedom of the horrible bondage of narcissistic abuse.

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something was wrong podcast is all about this topic…you can also share your story!

My friend’s daughter is going through the learning experience of narcissism from her soon to be ex-husband. He is insecure, jealous, and trying to isolate her-making her off balance and think she is the one with the problem. This escalated.

In my opinion this could have been avoided by getting to know the person you are going to take vows with for a long period of time-years. That way you can see how they handle stress, finances, relationships, and of course family. Before the marriage, they doted on each other, it was amazing how well they got along. Now she has a TRO against him for mental, verbal, and physical abuse. There has been 1 trip to civil court, and there is a baby involved in this mess. So sad when people go into relationships with commitment and eyes closed.

I’ve had one narcissistic boss who was also the owner, and it was the only job I was ever fired from. Ironically the day I after I was fired there was a business article in the local paper about my sales ranking and awards within the company which had been submitted days earlier. I couldn’t have asked for a better “stick it”! He and I clashed on ethics, something I’ve never felt I needed to compromise in business or personal life. I wasn’t the only person he tried to control to his advantage, he did same with clients and other business associates. It took a few years but he eventually lost his company. You can either play into his narcissism as long as you maintain your principals, which I did for about 3 years, or leave. Or hope you boss leaves.